DIY Business Tools

I have been in business for several years and the first thing I learned is to keep your ideas to yourself! Every entrepreneur is afraid of someone using their ideas and we tend not to be very helpful to other start ups when they have questions.  Why? Because we learned our lessons the hard way, kid so go fend for yourself! Ridiculous, right? Why not help someone if you have some insight? Well…. many of us do, at first! Then, it becomes a real issue of having enough time to help others. Many of us learn many hard lessons by being “burned” by others and start having a “dog eat dog” mentality. I am so guilty of doing this and I hope by creating these posts of DIY Business Tools, I can help others just starting out!

What makes someone want to start a business? For me, it was wanting to help support my family while able to spend time with them. I did not have the funds to hire people to do things like creating a website, sourcing productions, mock ups, graphics, etc., etc. So what does any good entrepreneur do? Do it yourself! Seriously, with the vast amounts of info online, you can teach yourself to do just about anything and for free! You heard that right… FREE! Don’t pay for something you can get for free, EVER! Unless you have an endless supply of money.. then go for it 😉

Stay tuned for free tools to get your started (or to keep you going)!

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