Ebay Charity Auctions

I have been wanting to get involved in charity work for such a long time, and over the past couple years I have made a couple donations of clothing to be used at events, but I found Hope For God’s Children which was started to help raise funds for families who have or are losing children. These funds help families with medical and funeral expenses- both being something a parent should never have to think about!

I wish I could do MUCH MUCH more for these families, but as I have been saying for awhile, my clothing and diapers are my capital so I will try and do what I can with what I have!

Currently the money being raised will go to Emily’s family and the auctions I have up are:

Sage stripe tee

Blue dots tee

Bulk pack of Bubele Bums 6 AIO diapers (choose your own colors!)

If you are a designer interested in getting involved in raising funds, you can visit the Facebook Group

Thanks everyone and please share so we can get those bids up!!

3 thoughts on “Ebay Charity Auctions

  1. Unknown says:

    This is great idea what your doing here Kris helping these children! Hope it all goes well and I will be praying that it does and that its a success! 🙂

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